I expect an email that does not arrive

When you expect an email and it does not arrive, that mail is most likely filtered by the server as SPAM mail.

There are two ways to remedy this.
  1. You can log into your webmail and search for your mail under the SpamBox folder and Drag+Drop it to your Inbox folder (If the SpamBox folder is not displayed you can enable it - RoundCube: Folder settings -> Manage Folders -> Tick the SpamBox folder). Then send a mail to assp-white@innernethosting.com that include that email address in the subject or message of the mail.
  2. Log into you cPanel account. Go to ASSP Delux -> Log (for the selected domain). Search for your missing mail. You can read the mail using the S box. Once you found the correct mail you can mark the user as not a spammer by clicking on the R box and rekease the mail to your inbox using the I box.
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